2/19/07 The Plan Begins To Take Shape. Now Wait A Few Years. Just Be Patient.

     Dmitri Young, formerly of the Detroit Tigers, a career .289 hitter, with 154 HR’s and 599 RBI in 4,152 at bats in 11 Major League seasons, signed a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals.Dy
     Ronnie Belliard, last seen winning the World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals, formerly of the Cleveland Indians, a career .272 hitter, with 247 doubles, 80 HR’s and 439 RBI in 3,812 at bats over nine seasons in the Majors, signed a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals.Belliard

      Signed a contract with the Washington Nationals. I just like saying it…Signed with the Nationals. I started to get this feeling back in July when the Nationals outbid several of the same old teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers…) for the services of 16 year-old Dominican shortstop Esmailyn Gonzalez. In MLB.com’s Bill Ladson’s article on the signing, Nationals President Stan Kasten was quoted saying, "This is an important signing…We can now compete for the best talent in Latin America."Egonzalez

     The Nationals are not yet in a position to compete for the best talent in the MLB Free Agent pool, as they have made it abundantly clear they are rebuilding, but as a recent, great, article by writer Aaron Fitt on Baseball America.com states, the Nationals have already begun rebuilding, "…without giving up anyone in Washington’s long term plans," acquiring pitchers like Luis Atilano, Matt Chico, Garret Mock, Emiliano Fruto, Shairon Martis, and Jhonny Nunez from the Braves, Giants, D-Backs, and Dodgers in return for players like Jose Vidro, Marlon Anderson, Mike Stanton, and Daryle Ward.Chico2_1

     Draft picks and pitching prospects in return for aging veterans or over-priced stars. Not a bad formula? Ask me again in July…
     So the franchise that is responsible for producing Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Randy Johnson, half of the current Indians, Javier Vazquez, Orlando Cabrera, Vladimir Guerrero, Vidro, Brian Schneider, and Ryan Zimmerman is now being run by the man, Stan Kasten, who helped rebuild the Braves before their decade-plus dominance of the NL(tee hee), and Kasten has hired Tom Rizzo, the man responsible for the most recent rebuilding of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and then Kasten hires a Manager best known as a talent evaluator, in Manny Acta. This finally sounds right.Zimmerman30


  1. stanlawthers@aol.com

    Where is the technology? DC Daily is near the bottom of the middle of the listings and now I have to type in my name to “post!” This is below Triple A, almost bush in it’s pursuit of the fan!
    I do love Chad in the new synthetic cap though…The Flat-Bottomed Blogger, oh, that would be you!

  2. Edward

    The only thing flat-bottom’d will be the Nationals bullpen ERA, sure the Braves added Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano, and resigned the Wick-man, and the Mets added Scott Schoeneweis, and resigned Duaner Sanchez to set up Shaky Billy Wagner, but the Nationals have a healthy Luis Ayala, John Rauch, Ryan Wagner, and the Flat-Brimmed Closer Chad “Chief” Cordero…Bring it on!!

    You can always just type in dcdaily.mlblogs.com if you’re having trouble, or just copy that and paste it! But don’t be deterred, things are just warming up.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. natshater@hotmail.com

    —how did the nats’ opener sound ? Zim’s homer was on FSN’s Final Score if you get up early enough to catch the replay. catch any of the braves’ game ? yunel is ready (he just needs to work on his bunting). that kid lillibridge they got in the ‘thrillhouse’ deal looked interesting too (even if he did get doubled up on a linedrive pinch running as the potential winning run late in the game).
    …you forgot about sl’s beloved phills adding freddy ‘the rock’ garcia to their band-box-bunch. oh and the fish are a year older and have that Dtrain/Miggy thing working again. I predict a five-way tie for the NL East.

  4. stanlawthers@aol.com

    Bucco’s RULE!!!

    Er, sorry. My meds are way off. Things are really heating up…gotta’ get through my NCAA’s first.


  5. Edward

    Your updates on the opener are up Hater. Didn’t see Zimmer’s Dinger yet…

    The Braves got something else with Gonzalez for Milhouse? Unbelievable.

    The Phils are cocky. I heard Jimmy Rollins reiterate his claims that the Phils are the team to beat in the NL East on the Stephen A. Smith show recently. He was s-talking the Mets.

    The Fish without Girardi? They’re still a GOOD team.

    Don’t count out the Nationals. Mets stink.

    Thanks for Reading.

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